Ep.00010.en: I'm newbie for Mastodon

When you have time, I’d like you to check Episode #8 if you haven’t yet.

Yesterday, November 16th, 2020, I created a Mastodon account on fosstodon.org for the first time to me. And today, I created accounts on 10 Mastodon instances also. Of course, I considered enough, which looks better to join.

I made time to update settings such as my profile for the minimum. And I decided which client apps to use and changed their preferences a bit. Then totally, I became tired enough today. I have no idea how to adopt checking Mastodon in my daily routine still. Soon today is over, and it’s out of time.

In the last Episode, I explained in Japanese almost the same things. I just want to clarify in this Episode that I am a real newbie for Mastodon, for users who don’t use Japanese.

I wrote my information just for reference in detail (at the end of these contents). I appreciate any help you can provide.


Appendix: Mastodon / Notion

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