Ep.00001.en: Greetings

Hi there, nice to meet you. My name is Daisuke Masuda. I’m a professional software engineer and non-professional DJ from Japan.

Just yesterday, I found this service, “Micro.blog” for the first time to me. The word of microblog reminds me of Twitter because I have been using it since April 2007. I was one of the early adopters in Japan at that time, so someone calls people like me Alfa Twitterer. Does it make sense only in Japan? And I think you remember that the word of Web 2.0 had become so popular worldwide. You know, it’s so nostalgic, isn’t it?

Many things have changed since then, but for the kind of lifelog for the future, I decided to start using this service, “Micro.blog” lowering the hurdles to make updates quicker and easier and keep updating as long as possible. Besides, I use my domain, which is my unique id on the internet, that’s “x5gtrn”.

Today, I just want to express my determination and want to say the first greetings to everyone.

Please watch over my improvement in English Writing and Speaking Skills from now on.

That’s all for today. Thank you for listening. See you next time!


Daisuke Masuda - 増田 大輔 @x5gtrn
micromikro / x5gtrn.com