Ep.00003.en: But from her view

I want to note about chatting with my friend who lives in Kuala Lumpur. Last August 30, I sent her a message and started a conversation with her.

First, I said that last Saturday, I broke up after living together in the same apartment for 2.5 years. After saying that, she was so much worried about my situation.

Though that was out of the topics, she said that “The interesting thing is that I know it’s been a while since we last spoke, but really I don’t feel it’s that long. I almost somehow feel like we have just recently met up.”

Honestly, I met her only twice. Sometimes I talk with her, and she often said such a thing.

Let me pick up one message that she sent to me. She said, “Also, one person would love more than the other person most of the time. So it could feel more insecure, which suggests one might lose the person.”

I had no choice, without saying I think that’s the point.

She continued. “I think you feel the jealousy is unnecessary, probably because you know exactly how you are feeling. But from her view, she wouldn’t know unless you show her how much you love her.”

Several things happened from last night until now, and they remind me above conversation. It seems I need to think about this topic more.


Daisuke Masuda - 増田 大輔 @x5gtrn
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