Ep.00013.en: I'm alright and feeling excited.

Thank you for your email. I’m so touched.

Unfortunately, I got sick. But that is one of the diseases that can recover spontaneously by myself. Honestly said, 4 weeks was too long and it had been so tough for me, haha.

But, it’s over. Now I can say I’m entirely alright—nothing pain, nothing fever.

As you know, I’m one of the users of RADR since it was called TwitterDJ. I wanted to continue using app, and I’d like Rich to use app as same as before. So, I sent an email, and it reached you. I can say with no doubt that it was the turning point. And there are the two things, at least. The two things make me happy.

  1. The project we about to do is not an event like ENTER.Ibiza. This project is having ideal, having immeasurable potentials that music lovers in the world would welcome, and more. Also, it needs to keep making it much better than before continuously. I mean, there is no plan to end.

  2. Thanks again. I appreciate that you are, you. I’m so happy because now I’m your friend, you are my friend and the Team Member as well, and we have an open canvas to do what WE WANT AND THINK WE MAKE IT have value. Yeah, it’s true.

I never had such an exciting project which I can join.

You said, “…if you don’t mind staying involved?” No way! I will never think that I stop staying involved. 10% of me? 20% of me? Though I cannot say a reasonable one right now, anyway I do my best and try not to do overwork.

I’m alright. Take care. And let’s talk next Sunday hopefully.

Wow, how lucky I am!


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